Thank-you for seeking out the global Insect Recovery Project.

The Insect Recovery Project was established in 2013 to research the reasons for, and to draw attention to the alarming global insect decline.

We do daily reviews of breaking news about insects, both of the charismatic (like butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and fireflies), and not so famous but just as important in their own right and in their role supporting ecological processes. You can follow breaking news on our twitter feed (@insectrecovery). Alternatively you can view these posts here in the running news feed in the right hand column.

Back in January of 2013 when we first started this project it was a mystery as to what was causing the global insect decline. In fact, there was still debate as to whether it was actually a real phenomenon. Since that time, thanks to the global connectivity provided by the internet, we now know that it is a real and alarming reality. We also know that the main culprit in this trend is habitat destruction caused by massive global monocultural agriculture and the extremely powerful and effective pesticides applied to perpetuate it.

Now we know why insects are disappearing, do we care enough to do something about it? Will governments change their regulatory permissions that allow and encourage us to poison our planet? Will the public vote with their feet and stop buying food which is treated with these poisons? Will we change our aesthetic values and provide habitat in our own lawns and gardens for our embattled pollinators and other insects and invertebrates?

We must…

Wake up!  The bugs are gone!